A downloadable game for Windows

Welcome to the Retro Chase game.

In this game you're a ninja of the future

You can't walk but you can Teleport.
You just need click to move.
To leave the game press ECHAP button.
Enjoy the game and the music.


RetroChase.zip 71 MB

Install instructions

Made with unity, just run"retro_chase.exe"


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First off, man is this game fun! I was having so much fun trying to speedrun it that I didn't notice how fast time was going by!

Second off, I have a speedrun to submit. One issue: this game isn't on speedrun.com and my account was made today. Where would I send you the video?

This game is well deserving of second place. Hell, I'd say it's first place material. Good work!


Are there any plans to release this for Mac and Linux?


Maybe in the next month ;) stay tuned


This was a very enjoyable little puzzle game! Good work guys!

Thanks !